The Moderocky Foundation

Conglomerate and charitable entity.

Website currently undergoing redesign. All requests should be sent to the foundation director.

Our Work

The foundation works in several countries across the world to help people bring their ideas to fruition. Rather than offering overly-expensive loans with high interest rates, the foundation aims to help people cut down the costs of a project, while ensuring that it will be completed and return your original investments.

While there is no promise that your plans can ever be completed exactly how you imagine them, it is the aim of this foundation that you should achieve something to be proud of without sacrificing anything else.

The foundation is a non-profit charitable entity based in the UK.

Live Events

We hope to be offering a number of live seminars, either at a global event or viewable via livestream. The details of these will be made available when they have been finalised. The subject matter will vary, so pay attention to the event description.

There is a plan to offer drop-in sessions if we move to a public office in London, however that has not been made certain yet and so no promises can be made.

Join the Foundation

Although many of our guides and brochures will be made available for free, if you would like to view pre-releases you must make a small donation. Information about this will become available soon.